Community Board | American Chamber Chorale

Much of the volunteer work that goes into making the Chorale a success is done by the Community Board.  Members of this board not only make financial contributions to the group; they work tirelessly behind the scenes helping with fund raising events, chairing committees, and setting up for concerts and receptions.   Additionally, most members of this important board sing in the group as well. This board is open to those who are enthusiastic about the Chorale’s mission and willing to volunteer their time to pitch in!

The Community Board currently consists of the following individuals:


George Albertus, American Chamber Chorale
 Marsha Armentrout, Vocal Music Instructor, retired
Richard Brickson, Managing Counsel, May Department Stores, retired
Stephen Morton, Artistic Director
Marty Renner-Hughes, Instructor of Music, St. Louis Community College at Forest Park
• Shawn RimermanAmerican Chamber Chorale
• Rachel RobisonAmerican Chamber Chorale
• Roy Wunsch, Administrator, Feed My People