Board of Trustees | American Chamber Chorale

The American Chamber Chorale was founded in 2001 by Artistic Director and Conductor, Stephen Morton, with major financial support from Ed and Cathy Coco. Friends and family of the first members of the Chorale also contributed generously to sustain the Chorale. The Board of Trustees is responsible for managing the affairs of the Chorale, and ensuring that artistic direction and daily operations of the Chorale are consistent with the Chorale’s mission.

For its first ten seasons, the Chorale’s Board of Trustees consisted of Stephen Morton, Ed Coco, and Marsha Armentrout. In 2011, the Board of Trustees decided to expand, to seek a broader cross-section of the St. Louis community. To begin that process, the Board added three exceptional people in the spring of 2011. The Chorale also eagerly continues to search for additional people to serve.

The following people currently serve as members of the Chorale’s Board of Trustees:

Richard Brickson, Chairman of the Board | Consultant on legal and management matters.
Dick formerly served as Managing Counsel of The May Department Stores Company and Macy’s.  He serves on the boards of Crossroads College Preparatory School and several chamber music groups.  Dick sang with the Bach Society and with Missouri Musica, and joined the ACC as a singer in 2010.
Marsha Armentrout, Secretary | Music Educator.
Marsha formerly taught elementary music and secondary choral music for 27 years.  She also served as Program Director and Director of Music of Geneva Glen Camps in Colorado for 18 years.  Marsha has been closely associated with the ACC since it began.
Darrell HughesTreasurer | Financial oversight and accounting.
Darrell currently works at Ameren as Supervisor of Valuation and has been a longtime supporter of the arts along with this wife, Marty Renner-Hughes, who serves as the Assistant Conductor for the American Chamber Chorale.
Charles E. (Ed) Coco | Consultant.
Ed served as CEO Protein Technologies, DuPont.  Ed has been closely associated with the ACC since its founding in 2001.
Rev. Bruce Moeller | Ordained minister in the United Church of Christ
Music has been a big part of his life. Was introduced to the ACC through Cindy McCreary Moeller, a member of the Chorale since its inception.
Stephen Morton | American Chamber Chorale, Artistic Director and Conductor

The Chorale also has a “Community Board”, which consists primarily of members of the Chorale. The Community Board implements much of the Chorale’s program and helps greatly with the day to day operations of the Chorale.