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Dr. Leonard Naeger

Dr. Leonard Naeger Arts Fund

The American Chamber Chorale – Dr. Leonard Naeger Arts Fund is specifically created to ensure that the name and legacy of Dr. Leonard Naeger lives on in his support for the arts and, specifically, his support of the American Chamber Chorale.  Donations to this fund assist the American Chamber Chorale in fulfilling the mission of this diverse community of non-professional singers to bring music of the highest quality to the St. Louis metropolitan area.

This fund helps to offset the expenses associated with this non-profit organization and provides additional opportunities for the community to experience the American Chamber Chorale’s performances and recordings.


Dr. Naeger & the American Chamber Chorale

Leonard Naeger can be described in many ways – “idle” not being one of them.  As a professor of pharmacology at St. Louis College of Pharmacy, he was described as “enthusiastic with a dramatic flair,” and in the statement that, “everything he did, he did with gusto.”

In his role, Professor Naeger formed a relationship with Matthew Ramsey, a student and member of the American Chamber Chorale.  Dr. Naeger supported Matthew’s volunteer work through verbal support and encouragement as well as lending financial support to the Chorale itself.  After graduation, Dr. Naeger and Dr. Ramsey continued to develop that relationship into that of colleagues and friends.  The passing of Dr. Naeger has left a huge void in the St. Louis community – even for those who have never met him.

His kindness and generosity with a variety of charitable organizations has helped many individuals, as well as organizations, survive.  It is with this in mind, that we, the American Chamber Chorale, are especially honored and touched to have been blessed with the generosity of Dr. Naeger’s family, and in particular, his wife Betsy in creating this arts fund.


Donating to the Naeger Arts Fund

To make a donation to the Naeger Arts Fund please use the online donation button below or call the ACC office at (314) 638-0793.

The American Chamber Chorale is an independent non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Your contribution is tax deductible.


Matching Gifts

If your employer offers a matching gift program, please let us know how your gift and the American Chamber Chorale’s nonprofit status may qualify to double your donation. Community support from all corners is important.